From 14th to 16th November 2017, COPE & the Centre for Medical Rehabilitation technical team conducted a 3-day training workshop in Ponseti clubfoot management in line with the development of a national clubfoot management programme. Rehabilitation professionals working in the Central and Provincial Rehabilitation Centres participated in the training with support from our donor, CBM. Clubfoot is a treatable condition that affects an estimated 220 children each year in Laos. Clubfoot occurs when the foot is twisted inward and down during development in the womb. The Ponseti method of treatment is very effective and involves manipulation and casting of the feet over several weeks. The casting process is then followed by bracing which is essential in order to maintain the corrected position of the foot and to prevent relapse of deformity as the genes that cause clubfoot may be active until a child is four years of age. The Ponseti method is a very specific technique; in order to gain the desired results, it is extremely important that it is performed accurately. The refresher training for rehabilitation professionals contributes to ensuring that children born with clubfoot continue to receive the best treatment.