COPE and the Centre for Medical Rehabilitation (CMR) conducted a mobile clinic in two districts in Khammouane province, Nongbok and Boualapha, with the support of USAID.  The mobile clinic cycle was conducted from February 11-17th, 2018 and the follow up from March 11-16th, 2018.

Overall, 135 people were screened during the mobile clinic and 73% of people screened were eligible for P&O services.  Of those eligible for P&O services, a total of 32 received services during the mobile clinic camp including device repairs and physiotherapy.  69 users were referred for follow-up services either at the district or fixed-site rehabilitation centre.  During the follow up, 51 referred service users received prosthetic and orthotic devices.  COPE and CMR will continue to follow up the remaining service users to ensure they receive the prescribed devices.