The sixth mobile clinic was conducted in November 2016 in Paklay district Xayabouly province. Funding from The Spellbrook Foundation enabled 210 people to attend the mobile clinic for consultations with the clinical team. Nearly 100 people received services on the spot such as walking aids, wheelchairs, shoe raises, and repairs of existing prosthetic & orthotic devices. A further 57 people were referred for follow-up services at fixed-site rehabilitation centres. Casting for devices was done on site for the patient to be fitted at a later date once the device had been produced.

When the devices were ready for fitting, the team returned to Paklay district and 45 clients were fitted with orthotic devices. 28 clients were also provided with walking aids. COPE also supported clients requiring prosthetic devices to attend services at the Centre for Medical Rehabilitation in Vientiane for fitting and training on the use of the device.