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   UN Under-Secretary-General Dr Noeleen Heyzer visits COPE


Yesterday, the 6th of March, 2013 was a momentous day at the COPE Visitor Centre with the visit of  UN Under-Secretary-General Dr Noeleen Heyzer.  The Under-Secretary listened intently to the tour from Soksai Sengvongkham, COPE Visitor Centre Manager, hearing about the devastating and on-going affects from the US-made and deployed bombs over Laos during the Vietnam War. 

She also heard about what COPE is doing to support cluster munitions survivors and people with physical disabilities in the field of physical rehabilitation. Currently, COPE is the only provider of theses services, along with the Lao government, in the country.

Under-Secretary Heyzer responded by saying that she will report what she had learned about the effects of UXO in Laos and also about COPE’s work to the UN Secretary-General, Mr  Ban Ki Moon.