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Mr. Somvang Manivanh, age 14

HuayOum Village, Peang District, Xayaboury Province


When he was three years old, Mr. Somvang was feverish and very sick.  His parents took him to the district hospital where the doctors gave him an injection.  Since that hospital visit Mr. Somvang’s left thumb has been immobile and his left heel has not touched the ground when he walks.  He is in his third year of secondary school, but he does not join in sports with his friends because of his disability.  He sits by himself and watches as his friends play football, desperately wishing he could join them.


Mr. Somvang heard about the Mobile Clinic through his district health office.   He had never left his home village, and he had never spoken with a foreigner, so he was worried about traveling to LuangPrabang for the fitting of his orthotic and physical therapy.  When we met with Mr. Somvang, he seemed at ease at the PRC, and he was looking forward to receiving his custom-made shoe fitted with a lift to compensate for the discrepancy in his legs.  He was excited to return home to show his new shoe to his friends and to finally participating in sports with them.  He is grateful to COPE, the PRC and the Mobile Clinic team for crafting and providing a custom-fitted shoe. 


Translated by Soksai…