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How you can help

We are extremely grateful for donations made to COPE. Every donation no matter how small counts!

Many people kindly give us donations to support our work through the website or when they come to the Visitor Centre in Vientiane. Some people go a step further and support our work by organising an activity to raise needed funds.

If you would like to organise a fundraising activity on our behalf, here are some resources for you to use:

COPE Fundraising welcome pack

COPE booklet. show your audience what COPE is doing. Download PDF here (3.2MB).

Videos. These are some movies on youtube you could use for your fundraising campaign:


COPE Logo. Download here if you would like to use it for your material.

Buy a leg. Online graphics for postcards, if you would want to refer to a specific amount and what it can be used for.

For the donation after you fundraising acitiviy, this is how you can make an online transfer

You can always contact us via email if we can assist you in anything. Thank you very much for your support!  


Here are just a few examples of the activities of our fundraisers:


 Luke and Kai Bitschnau

Amount raised: EURO 970

  After spending many hours at COPE Visitor Center last July during a 3-week trip to Laos, Luke and Kai Bitschnau, respectively 12 and 10 years old, decided to put their dual citizenship to good use by selling Australian delicacies at two local Christmas markets in Austria. Because “Christmas is about giving” they made, and sold 70 kilos of potato twisters (fried potato on a stick) and chocolate muffins, raising an amazing 970 euros worth of profit.

We are very grateful for Luke’s and Kai’s dedication to support COPE in helping UXO survivors and other people with disabilities in Laos move on.





Arthur Galletly

Amount raised: $3,000  

After discovering the purpose of the concrete runway in Vang Vieng was as a US Bomber base, known as the CIA's “Air America”'s Lima Site 6 Airstrip , was used for carpet bombing Vietnam and Laos in the Secret War, Arthur Galletly  investigated further to find a staggering 240 million bombs had been dropped on Laos, more than on Germany and Japan combined in World War II, on an innocent country without even declaring war. A third of the bombs failed to detonate, the legacy being 80 million UXO infesting the country which will probably take hundreds or thousands of years to clear.

  Arthur created a website devoted to increasing awareness of the problems and to raise funds, as it also links to a crowd funding website. So far Arthur has raised and donated AUD $7,000 for various projects, but he hopes this is just the start of the beginning.  It involves trying to prevent the need for prosthetics by clearing the UXO as well as helping those unfortunate enough to be victims.   

  Arthur recently visited Cambodia to drop off $2,000 for the Hero Rat project where African Giant Pouched Rats have been used outside Africa for sniffing out unexploded mines. His plan is to raise enough funds to seed a similar project in Laos. The rats save so much time and have a 100% detection rate and are not heavy enough to detonate UXO. With other detection equipment there are many false positives as shrapnel etc which waste time investigating.

 Arthur has so far raised and donated $3,000 for Copelaos. Much of the money has come from clients of my remedial massage practice via donations and purchase of some oils and creams he purchases in Cambodia. Some has come from generous share traders who discuss which shares to buy on a website called Hotcopper who deserve a big thanks. $2,500 has gone to Apopo, around $1000 to Cambodian Self Help Deminers and the remainder to other NGOs. Arthur wants to help with UXO clearance in Laos by introducing the Hero Rats and continue to support Prosthetics. Thank you very much to Arthur and the people who donated to the COPE project, we are highly appreciated for your generous support.


Dawnie Ng & Pure Yoga

Amount Raised: HKD 6,854 (Nearly USD$900).

Hong Kong resident Dawnie Ng visited Laos in 2015 summer and discovered that Laos is the most bombed country per capita in history.  After finding that many parts of the country are still suffering from the effects of unexploded ordnance (UXO) contamination, Dawnie contacted COPE and MAG to organise some events in Hong Kong to help Laos and our people.

She faced difficulties during the process of organising fundraisers, but Dawnie finally convinced local business Pure Yoga to organise a yoga workshop at their centre in Hong Kong to raise money for both COPE and MAG Laos.  The workshop was held on 16 January 2016, and donation boxes were put in all 7 centres of Pure Yoga for that week.  The workshop was led by two awesome yoga teachers, Ms Shalon Wan and Mr Eswar Khuntia. Dawnie helped raise awareness of the situation in Laos and the work of COPE and MAG by preparing some slides to share with the workshop participants.  After the workshop, Dawnie distributed postcards of her painting to each of the participants.

Dawnie raised HKD 6,854 at this event, which has been split equally between COPE and MAG Laos.  A huge thank you to Dawnie, not only for raising this money for our work but also for raising awareness of the situation in Laos and our work here.  With support from people all around the world, we can help more people with disabilities caused by unexploded ordnance to regain a normal life in Laos.  Thank you!


Marguerite Garnier

Amount raised: USD$2,700

Madame Marguerite Garnier from France celebrated her 95th birthday last year and instead of presents asked her children, grand children, great grand children, nieces and nephews to donate money to COPE. 2035 EUR (2700 USD) was collected and transferred to COPE in January. The photo from the celebration shows Madame Garnier surrounded by her 8 children, 27 grand children and 37 great grand children. 34 nieces and nephews are missing from the photo. Thank you so much to Madame Garnier and your generous family, people like you are vital for ensuring the necessary support for people with disabilities in Laos.



Michael and Sirinyaphat

Amount raised: USD $ 750

Pam & Michael decided to donate their wedding's gift money to COPE. Below are some messages from them, please find out of how and why. Thank you very much to you and your family and friends for your valuable support, which represents an important contribution towards ensuring quality rehabilitation services for people with disabilities in Laos.

Sirinyaphat (Pam) and I had an official wedding two months ago in August in Canada.  Relatives and friends had given us money as a gift which we put towards our honeymoon.  It was Pam’s dream to see Paris, so that’s where we went.  Knowing that we were very lucky to have realized that dream, we thought it would be a good idea to make a donation to a worthwhile cause as a way to celebrate our wedding and good luck in life.  We both work for LXML at Sepon and that’s where we met 2 years ago.  Pam works in the Project Management Office and I work in the UXO Department.  Since we met in Laos, we wanted the donation to go somewhere here.  Having visited the COPE centre before, we think the staff do an excellent job and that they really make a difference in the community and country.  We are happy to support COPE and know that they will take our gift and put it to good use.  I’m sure our friends and family will be happy that their gift money made it further than France and hopefully helped a few other people realize their dreams.


The Singapore Embassy

Amount raised: USD $2,700

In May 2013, the Singapore Embassy had visited the Centre of Medical Rehabilitation and COPE centre. They were impressed by what our centre is trying to achieve, and they hope that they could do more to help if the opportunity presents itself.  With that in mind, during the Embassy's National Day reception in August 2013, they encouraged their invited guests to donate to COPE instead of sending flowers to the Embassy.  Many of their guests responded positively and through their generous donations, they were able to collate the contributions thereafter to hand over to COPE.

We thank you to the Singapore embassy  for your interest and support to this important work and hope you will take the opportunity to visit our Visitor Center again in the future.

The handover ceremony at the Embassy where the Ambassador Ms Kang Siew Kheng handed the cheque to Ms Bounlanh Phaiboun, CEO of COPE.




The Kindness of Strangers

Amount donated: USD $500

Please click here to read about the NGO on wheels The Kindness of Strangers.

Red Spokes Cycling Adventure 2013- United Kingdom

Amount raised: GBP 1,720

Red Spokes is a small tour company that offers people a chance to cycle through unique parts of the world.  Red Spokes has been a generous supporter for COPE over the years helping to raise awareness about COPE by bringing tour groups through the Visitor Centre and encouraging its clients to donate funds to worthy causes such as COPE.  In January 2013, Red Spokes brought another group to the COPE Visitor Centre and presented us with a cheque for GBP 1,720, raised through its Laos Village Community Fund.

Thanks to Dermot and the Red Spokes team for their ongoing commitment to raising funds for COPE.




George Serras Photography exhibit - Australia

Amount raised: AUD 15,000

 George Serras is an Australian photographer who visited Laos in 2009 on holiday and then returned to work as a volunteer in Luang Prabang in 2011. He was so moved by COPE's work that he decided to use his skills and photographs he had taken while in Luang Prabang to hold a photography exhibition that raised $15,000! Check out the full story here.





Nadine Yazbek - Australia

Amount raised: AUD $11,000

This is our second story on Nadine, see below for her first! This year Nadine showed her support again by organising a range of events to raise a whopping $11,000(!) including a trivia night and a pre-loved clothes sale. She even climbed a mountain for us! Read her story here.

We send our appreciation to Nadine for her ongoing committment to COPE and being such a fantastic fundraiser!




Red Spokes Cycling Adventure Tours - United Kingdom

Amount Raised: GBP 1165

Red Spokes is a small tour company that offers people a chance to cycle through unique parts of the world.  Red Spokes has been a generous supporter for COPE over the years helping to raise awareness about COPE by bringing tour groups through the Visitor Centre and encouraging its clients to donate funds to worthy causes such as COPE.  In February 2012, Red Spokes brought another group to the COPE Visitor Centre and presented us with a cheque for GBP 1165, raised through its Laos Village Community Fund.

Thanks to Dermot and the Red Spokes team for their ongoing commitment to raising funds for COPE.



Ann Curran, Ireland

Amount raised: USD 4000

Ann Curran

Ann visited COPE in February 2011 and was very impressed by COPE’s work giving new limbs to victims of landmines (cluster bombs). The 4000 US dollars she brought back to COPE in December 2011 came from very generous friends and family in Ireland and is to be used to fit prostheses to children. Some of the money came from children in Galway. Ann’s niece and nephew Rachel (12) and Stephen (10) will brave the cold Atlantic on Christmas Day to do a sponsored swim. They hope to send more money to COPE. Meabh (6) gave money from her money box. Jack (11) who cannot walk and is a wheelchair user because he has cerebral palsy asked his parents to buy a leg for a child in Laos instead of being given a present for himself.  They all wish COPE well in their excellent work.
Thank you very much Ann with family and friends and especially the children for your donations!


Hand in Hand and Nonelao team, Lao PDR

Amount raised: 6,000,000 kip (750 USD)

"Hand in Hand" and Nonelao are Lao volunteer teams in Vientiane who support poor children in remote areas for better lives in their future. With this fundraising activity, the teams jointly raised 6,000,000 kip for COPE from their members, cousins, friends and from their fan page.


Thank you very much to both teams from Hand in Hand and Nonelao for your great effort!



Tina Lutz and Justin Morris, the bloggers, USA

Amount raised: USD 3303

Tina and Justin decided to use their travel blog of South East Asia as an awareness and fundraising tool for COPE Laos. As they began their three months of travel early 2011, they committed to those following along online that every visit to the blog would equal one dollar donated to help victims of unexploded bombs. In the end, with 3303 hits on the blog, 3303 US Dollar were raised.

Thank you so much Tina and Justin for this inspiring and generous fundraising activity!




Gille Chorbacher, Germany

Amount raised: USD 2100

Gille Chorbacher was raising money during a birthday party with her family and friends. Her daughter Teresa is currently working in the National Rehabilitation Centre in Vientiane as a Volunteer, teaching English. When Gille Chorbacher came from Germany to visit her daughter in Laos, she got to know COPE, and wanted to support us.

Thanks Gille Chorbacher and all the supporters at the birthday party!




Eeva Nyyssonen, Hanna Saarinen, Kirsi Mäkinen - Vientiane, Laos

Amount raised: 1,420,000 Kip and a wheelchair

Eeva Nyyssonen and her friends Hanna Saarinen and Kirsi Mäkinen - all living and working in Vientiane - were raising money during their combined birthday party in June 2011. They encouraged their guests not to bring presents but instead to donate to COPE on the night.

Eeva: “I'd always thought that COPE is a great project but especially after my motorbike accident, which left me temporarily dependent on crutches and wheelchair, I sympathised with people with disabilities even more. I wanted to donate my wheelchair to COPE and by the time the party came round I was fortunate enough not to need it anymore, so it was a good opportunity to combine it with the fundraising!” 

Thank you Eeva, Hanna, Kirsi and all the guests!


Nadine Yazbek - Adelaide, Australia

Amount Raised: AUD$1000

After visiting COPE in July last year, Nadine Yazbek went home to Australia and organized a beach boot camp with her friend Hayden O’Halloran to raise money for COPE. Participants went through a grueling program of fitness activities coordinated by Hayden at Henley Beach in Adelaide.  Nadine raised 1000AUD by taking donations from boot camp participants and by getting other friends and colleagues to make donations.

Thanks to Hayden for volunteering to run the boot camp, to all the participants who sweated for a cause, to the people who donated and to Nadine for organising the event.



Silk Lotus - Australia

Amount Raised: AUD$3000

Silk Lotus is an Australian based enterprise, which was established by Jo Shaw and Sandra Caon-Parsons.  Jo and Sandra established Silk Lotus after living and working in Lao PDR for several years.  They wanted to continue to support local communities, artisans and UXO survivors and set up Silk Lotus to provide them with a market for their gorgeous original work.  Jo and Sandra support a range of specific projects in Laos and Vietnam, having raised more than AUS$3000 for COPE.

Thanks to Jo and Sandra from Silk Lotus for their ongoing support for COPE.



Tom Kelly - Shropshire, United Kingdom

Amount Raised: 2600GBP

Tom Kelly, from the United Kingdom, chose to support the work of COPE by organising people in his local rotary group to sponsor him to walk around the Lake District National Park roughly halfway between Manchester and Edinburgh.  Tom battled the elements to finish the walk.  First he had to avoid flooding near Elterwater and then had to buy new boots after someone accidently took his and left a smaller pair.  Despite these setbacks, Tom finished the walk and raised 2600GBP for COPE.

Thanks Tom and all the suporters who sponsored his walk.



Rangitoto College - Auckland, New Zealand

Amount Raised: 4000NZD

In 2010, a group of social studies students from Rangitoto College in Auckland raised 4000NZD for COPE.  The students learnt about COPE whilst undertaking a social activism component of their social studies subject.  After learning about the impact of UXOs on Lao PDR a number of students, including Charlotte Patterson-Hawes, Olivia Colemann, Amber Putnam and Leigh Meggison, organised a 'mufti-day' where students were able to come dressed out of uniform if they brought a gold coin ($1 or$2) donation. 

Thank you to all the students and staff for their kind support. 


Tonya Flower and Pip Lyndon - Sydney, Australia

Amount Raised: 1500AUD

In July 2010, staff and students associated with the NSW Ambulance Service in Australia donated an amazing $1484AU to COPE.  The money was raised by donations collected by Tonya Flower and Pip Lyndon-James who work in the NSW Ambulance Service as Paramedics.  Tonya and Pip were inspired to raise money for COPE after travelling through northern Laos for a month in November 2009.  During their trip Tonya and Pip learnt about the UXO issue from meeting people associated with the Mines Action Group (MAG) and by coming to the COPE Visitor Centre.  Along with making personal donations to COPE, Tonya and Pip committed themselves to raising more money once they returned to Australia. 

Thank you Tonya, Pip and all those from the NSW Ambulance Service who donated to COPE.


Wendy Coates and Fred Chalupa - Melbourne, Australia

Amount Raised: 5000AUD

After visiting the COPE Visitor Centre in February 2010, Wendy Coates returned home and decided to organise a luncheon fundraising event with her friend Fred Chalupa who owns the Il Vocola restuarant in Melbourne, Australia. The luncheon was held on the 26th of May 2010 and included a three course meal of which a portion of the meal price was donated to COPE.  After the lunch finished there was an auction of wine, food, art and utilities donated as a means of raising money.  The luncheon was held on the and was a huge success with around 100 people attending and raising 5000AUD.

Thank you Wendy, Fred and all of the staff and customers of Il Vicola for their generous support.





Andy Hearn - United Kingdom

Amount Raised: 5000USD

Another keen supporter, Andy Hearn, organised to run the London Marathon and raised 5000USD.

Many thanks to Andy, Red Spokes cycle tours, and all the people who sponsored Andy in his run of the London Marathon.