“I didn’t know that the new leg would enable me to walk again and now I can walk freely and go back to school!”


17 years old
UXO Accident

In December 2016, Kuzong lost a leg after a UXO accident.

“One morning I went out to the crop plantation with my older sister. It is about 600 metres away from my home. As we needed to increase the amount of the crops to sell and support the family, we planned on extending the plantation area to plant more sweetcorn.  When I was clearing and preparing the land for the corn planting and my older sister was in the forest collecting wood and food, my hoe hit the UXO when I dug the land and it exploded immediately. That was the last thing I could remember” said Kuzong.

The sound of the UXO explosion made his sister, family and villagers run to see him and they found him lying on the ground with a badly injured leg. His family took him to the hospital in Vietnam as they live near the border and they stayed there for a few days. The doctor said that his leg had to be amputated due to the bad injury and infection but they didn’t want to do this and it cost too much money for them. His family decided to take him back home to be treated with traditional medicine. His family tried their best to treat his leg for about two months but it got worse and even more infected. Finally, his parents decided to bring him to 150 hospital in Vientiane and Kuzong had his leg amputated.

“I moved to CMR & COPE after a month in 150 hospital and stayed at CMR & COPE for a week, I didn’t know that the new leg would enable me to walk again and now I can walk freely and go back to school. Thank you very much to CMR & COPE and all donors for the donation that I was given, I truly appreciate this” said Kuzong.


Quality Management Seminar

The objective of the seminar was to align Lao-context quality clinical audit tools to global World Health Organisation standards.