“I can now go back to teaching, the new devices have lots of functions which help me to use a computer, drive a motorbike and make working easier”


41 years old

UXO survivor

Mr Oiy Xayavong lives in Dongbong village, Naxaythong district, Vientiane capital.  He has three children who are all studying in high school.

On 10 January 1986, in his hometown in Huaphanh province when Oiy was 5 years old, he was playing with friends in his village and found a bomb.

“We didn’t know what is was, so I tried to break it.”

Sadly, the bomb exploded and the accident caused serious injury to Oiy’s right hand.  He fell unconscious and woke up in the hospital to discover his hand had been amputated.

After the accident, Oiy returned to primary school and slowly learnt to do everything with only his left hand.  His dream was to be a teacher, so after finishing high school, he continue to study at the Sikhert Traning Centre in Vientiane.

He went on to teach computer science in a high school in Savannaket province for five years.  However it was difficult for him to teach when he only had one hand to use his computer and also he had difficulty driving to school.

Luckily, a neighbor told Oiy about CMR and COPE services and he received upper limb prosthetic devices.


“I now teach at the Lao – Korea College in Vientiane. The new devices have a lot of functions which help me to use my computer and type more quickly, drive motorbike and make working easier.  My wife is very happy as well, that I can help myself and take care family.

Thank you to rehabilitation centre and COPE and all donors for this second chance.”


Quality Management Seminar

The objective of the seminar was to align Lao-context quality clinical audit tools to global World Health Organisation standards.