“Now I  can support my family’s income by growing mushrooms and raising some livestock to sell to the local fresh market.”


37 years old

Mr. Tum Lattanavong lives in Phonesavath Neua, Sikhottabong district, Vientiane Capital and was a construction worker until March 2017 when Tum’s leg became badly swollen due to poor blood circulation. Unfortunately, after seeing a doctor who confirmed that it wasn’t curable, Tum’s leg was amputated.

“After the amputation, I was struggling to support my family, my first thought was how my wife and two children would have enough food to eat if I was unable to work in my job as a labourer.  A few months after my operation, I worried more than ever about providing for my family. I was forced to sell my chickens and ducks to pay a portion of the hospital bill and treatment costs. Luckily, the doctor suggested I come to the Center for Medical Rehabilitation (CMR) and COPE to get a prosthetic leg.

I was so happy when I heard from the doctor that I will be able to walk again. This is my first prosthetic leg and after a month of rehabilitation and training, now I feel very confident to go back to my home. Now I am able to walk freely and I am planning to raise my family’s income by growing mushrooms and other vegetables and raising some more livestock such as ducks and chicken to sell to the local fresh market. Thank you so much to all donors for the support and thanks to all the staff here who support me. The new leg has made me much more optimistic about the future” said Tum.


Quality Management Seminar

The objective of the seminar was to align Lao-context quality clinical audit tools to global World Health Organisation standards.