COPE Serivces: Training   Physiotherapy

COPE supports the skill development of physiotherapists working at the Center of Medical Rehabilitation (CMR) and at the four Provincial Rehabilitation Centres.  We currently provide training to a small group of physiotherapists, upgrading their existing knowledge and skills.  The ultimate goal of the training is for each participant to eventually become a trainer of other physiotherapists in their specialist areas.

This Training of Trainers (ToTs) program is designed to empower local physiotherapists in their learning, making them sustainable sources of physiotherapy expertise in the future. The program was initiated in October 2009 by COPE and is being implemented by our Physiotherapy Mentor, an international member of the COPE team.  The program components include workshop training on a variety of areas, one-on-one skills sessions, and support to individual ToT’s to pass on the skills they have learnt in their own teams.

Mrs. Phetsany (below) is one of the dedicated physiotherapists at the CMR who, in her new role as a ToT, has held numerous training sessions with her team.  She has been working as a physiotherapist for 14 years with the  CMR in the Orthopaedic department.  “I enjoy working with the patients.  When they are getting better, I am very happy I can help,” Mrs. Phetsany commented about her work.  “Being on the ToT program has taught me many new things. I cannot help every patient as there is not enough time for me to do so, so it’s important that I teach my team what I have learned. Now people value my opinion more. My team will come to me to exchange ideas about patients.”

Mrs. Phetsany will continue to share her growing knowledge and skills with teams at the CMR and in the provinces. “I look forward to future opportunities as a ToT and plan to practice physiotherapy for a long time to come!”