COPE Supporters   COPE Supporters

COPE receives financial assistance from a wide range of supporters, both individuals and organizations and public and private.  Here are a list of some of our current donors.

  • Association for Aid and Relief (AAR Japan)
  • AusAID
  • CBM International
  • Deseret International Charities (DIC)
  • Government of Luxembourg
  • Government of Norway
  • International Committee of the Red Cross - Special Fund for the Disabled (ICRC-SFD)
  • Netherlands Leprosy Relief
  • Margaret J. Hunter Doner Advised Fund, The Philanthropic Collaborative
  • Power International


While the majority of COPE's funds (around 85%) come from large donor organizations, another 15% come from private donations, product sales and events, generated primarily from donations made through the website and donations and product sales made through the COPE Visitor Centre (which houses our permanent exhibition, gift shop and Karma Cafe).

Income raised from these different sources is used to fund the full range of services available and the administration costs associated with providing these important patient services.

While COPE is always developing new ways to make the funding of its services more self-sufficient, and less dependent on external funding, COPE continues to look for new sources of funding that can be used to further build COPE's capacity to delvier quality services that meet the needs of the people who make use of our services.