“My new leg helping me moving freely and go back  to the forest to collect herbal mushrooms  again “


47 years old

UXO accident

Khambang is a farmer and herbal mushrooms picker, lives in Naphadang village, Vilabouly district, Savannakhet province.

On June 2006, Khambang and six friends went to the forest, it was a little bit cold at that time, they made a bonfire for cooking and keep warm themselves as the same time they were preparing before hunting, nobody knew that unexploded bomb was hiding under the bonfire about 20-minute latter bomb exploded by heat, so everyone splashed around, an accident causes him a serious injury in the right leg and a friend of him lose an arm but other friends were not seriously injured.

Due to serious injuries, his leg has to be amputated “the doctor said” after the hospital, he stayed home for a year, and it was very hard for him to move around and he can’t hunting and collecting herbal mushroom anymore, so he had no income for family moreover, his children have to quit their school to help his wife farming, until March 2007, he heard about COPE and CMR service from a doctor, he decided to come to rehabilitation Centre in Pakse, Champasack province for fitting the first prosthetic leg.

This is the fifth prosthetics leg that he has received for free from COPE and CMR, he has never thought about walking again but now with new prosthetic enable him to go back to the forest to collect herbal mushrooms for sale again.

Khambang received a first prosthetic leg on March 2007 and the fifth on May 2019


I am  moving freely and can go black to  the forest to collect herbal mushrooms  for sale again .”

“Thank you Center of Medical Rehabilitation (CMR), COPE, and all the donors who supported me and changed my life.”