“My new leg helping me moving freely and go back to school again “


23 years old

Motorbike Accident

Nengher is 23 years old, lives in Tongnamy village, Pharkading District, Borrikhamxay province, studying in final years of high school, in the future, I wish to be an electrician.

Nengher was boon in a Hmong family which is one of the ethnic minority groups in Laos PDR. I am doing agriculture for living such as growing rice, corn, and millet, in my free time, Nengher likes fishing and play the Hmong traditional sport.

Nengher got a motorbike accident in January 2019, it caused him leg get pain, wound out, and seriously injured, he went to see a doctor and his family also treated his leg with traditional herb medicine for about ten months but it became worst, “ His leg became cancer and have to be amputated to prevent infection and life”, the doctor said. First, he was shocked and did not want to amputate his leg but he much did it because he has no choice at that time.

His leg got amputated by the Doctor at Midtaphap hospital in September 2019 in Vientiane, He thought that he would not be able to walk again anymore, “this is a bad thing, and it’s very hard to except in my life and will be a family burden said Nengher. Luckily, the doctor at the Midtaphap hospital where he went for his leg amputated told him about the Centre of Medical Rehabilitation.

He moved to CMR on 31 July 2020, he met many people who they living with disabilities the same as him, they were waiting for fitting the new leg or new arm, and some of them come back to replace new devices, He saw many people walk freely the prosthetic leg, so now I’m feeling positive about myself will be able to walk again.


Nengher received a first prosthetic leg in August 2020

 Now, Nengher is moving freely and can go black school again and don’t be family burden .

“Thank you Center of Medical Rehabilitation (CMR), COPE, and all the donors who supported me and changed my life.”