“The new leg allows me to move freely and work more easily”


44 years old


Moui is a farmer from Chomkeo village, Kanthao district, Sayabouly province.  She is married with one son.

While Moui was helping her husband to build her new house when she stepped on a nail with her right foot. The doctor gave her an anti-tetanus injection but few weeks after the infection seemed to be worse. She also has diabetes which made her recovery more complicated.

After the accident, Moui went back to see the doctor again who said that to save her life, she would have to have her leg amputated.

“I was in shock at first but I wanted to live” said Moui.

Her leg was amputated on 23 March 2015 in hospital in Thailand. Three months after her leg was amputated, it was very hard for her to move using crutches.  She could not go to work in the field, so her son had to stop school and help his father work.

Moui met a doctor at the Sayabouly provincial hospital who told her about the Center of Medical Rehabitation and COPE.  She had her first leg fitted on 9 September 2015 and 2018 received a second device.

“The new leg allows me to move freely and work more easily. Now I have three hectares of sugar cane which I can help to grow so my son has gone to school to study.  On behalf of people with disabilities, thank you to CMR and COPE for providing this excellent services for us”.