“My new orthotic leg helping me moving freely and  I can walk to school “

Nana Phethasone

10 years old


A little girl name  Nana Phethasone is 10 years old and lives in Napaphai village, Meun District, Vientiane Province. Nana is living with polio and stays with her aunt’s family. Now she is a student in grade fourth in primary school. Nana can walk only 50 matters and she could not walk to school on her own because of her both legs is very weak. The school is located one kilometer far from her house, so every day her aunt has to take her to school by bike and pick her up after class.

When Nana was two-year-old, she was not able to walk as normal children. But her aunt thought she might walk later when growing older but she did not walk as she was expected, her family also did not have enough money to take her to the hospital at that time.

Nana’s aunt took her to the hospital to see the doctor and the doctor advised her to get an orthotic device at the Centre of Medical Rehabilitation and she got orthotic devices and rehabilitation services at CMR. Nana received her first orthotic device on 29 September 2020 which had been supported by COPE, it is helping her to walk better and longer than before, now she is very happy that she can go to school by herself.

Nana received her first orthotic device on 29 September 2020.

 Now, Nana Phethasone is moving freely and can walk to school.

“Thank you Center of Medical Rehabilitation (CMR), COPE, and all the donors who supported Nana to have a new life again.”