“I love to help my father farming our fruit garden. We have so many “chan-chan” trees, it’s a specialty from our region and it’s very tasty!”


14 years old
Born with congenital malformations

Leu was born with congenital malformations, missing her left leg and with two deformed fingers on her left hand.

At the age other children begin to walk, Leu was moving around on her knees. Rejected by other children because of her disability, she was shy and kept to herself.

When she was 4, her father heard about the regional rehabilitation centre in Phonsavan, Xieng Khouang provincial capital in northern Laos. After receiving her first lower-leg prosthesis, Leu regained confidence and began to make some friends. Since then, Leu has received ongoing support from the rehabilitation centre and, most recently, via the mobile clinic team which provided services in the district, closer to her village.

“The mobile clinic is very convenient for me”, explains young Leu, “Because I am still growing, I need to have my prosthetic leg adjusted every 6 months. I used to spend a lot of time on the road going to Phonsavan rehabilitation centre. I didn’t like leaving my friends and family.”

“Now I can fully focus on my studies. I’m just like all the other kids at school and my father has high expectations for me, so I have to work hard! My favorite subjects are mathematics and English.”

Leu’s father confirms his daughter’s words: “I consider her a totally normal person so I expect her to finish her education and find a good job to help me sustain the family.”

Thanks to COPE’s supporters and mobile clinic team, Leu has her prosthesis adjusted without moving from her village!

“Today, I invite you to pick some fruit in our family plantation!”