“The new prosthetic leg allowed Vilhada to walk and enjoy playing with friends “.

Miss. Vilada Vilayphong

one-year-old and eleven months

Bone with deformity

Miss. Vilada Vilayphong is one year old and eleven months, lives in Parkthone village, Sangthong district, Vientiane capital. Vilada was born with one leg and right hand with three fingers.

When Lumphuen was five months pregnant, she got a motorbike accident, the accident affected to growing up of the baby inside and she gave birth only 7 months earlier than the doctor appointed’’ mother said, and the doctor recommended bringing vilada to the Centre of Medical rehabilitation for receiving services.

Until 11 January 2022, Lumphuen brought her to CMR for her first prosthetic leg. First, I was very excited when I saw and talked with many people with disabilities who come for rehabilitation services and hope my daughter will be able to walk like them.


At first, Vilada was a bit scared of her first prosthetic leg because she had never seen it before but after a week she can walk by herself and she like it very much, now she can walk and play with other friends and she doesn’t want to take it out.

“We are very happy when we see her can walk by herself and play with friends and thank you so much and very appreciated to this services for my daughter” parent said.

Thank you so much for all your support to the project to continue helping the Bomb survivors and the people with physical disabilities in Laos.

Miss. Vilada Vilayphong received her first prostheses leg.

 Now,  Vilada can move around freely and playing with other friens.

“Thank you Center of Medical Rehabilitation (CMR), COPE and the donors who supported Miss. Vilhada Vilayphong to have a new prostheses leg .”