“The new prosthetic leg helping Phonsavhanh (Earo)  to be run around freely   “

Mr.Phonsavhanh Phomachanh (Earo)

4 year old


Phonsavhanh Phomachanh (Earo) is 4 year old,lives in Nalual village, Sikhodtabong District, Vientiane capital.

He is a very active and cheerful boy, he like to run around and play the football with many friends at home or school.

He got an accident on 10 December 2019, he ran out of the house to the main road and he was hit by a big truck on his left leg when he was only 2 years old due to serious injury, the Doctor had to amputee his leg after a month after “During waiting for the prosthetic leg my son had no smile and didn’t want to talk with any body  because he can’t run as before” father said. I’m cry when I look at my son and very worry about his future”.

I took my son to see the doctor in the rehabilitation Centre and hopeful they can help.

In February of 2020, the first time to CMR, he was cry and scare when he saw other patients around him wore prosthetic leg because he never seen this before. Earo received the practiced before he tried on a new leg with same other patients. After three weeks of practiced he can walk again with new prosthetic leg, he become a happy cheerful children again.

Today 27 July 2021, his father brought him again just for fix the prosthetic leg because it broken and also he growing up, I am very happy to see his smile and run around the CMR.

Thank you to all donors to support the works of COPE to help people with physical disabilities to move on.

Mr. Phonsavhanh Phomachanh (Earo) has received her first prosthetic leg on February 2021.

 Now, Mr. Phonsavhanh Phomachanh is not sad any more and he like to talk to other people, run around and play the football with  friends at home or school, he become cheerful again.

“Thank you Center of Medical Rehabilitation (CMR), COPE, and all the donors who supported Poi to have a new life again.”