“The new prosthetic leg Seangphone Soulivong to move around freely “.

Mr.Seangphone Soulivong

13 year old


My name is Seangphone Soulivong, live in Borhard village, Bountai District, Phonsaly Province.

My parent is farmers, they grow rice and vegetable. I have three older sisters and one older brother. Every day, after school I like to go to my stepbrother’s garage in the village to learn how to fix the motorbike with him.

In 2020, I got a motorbike accident and my leg had an injury, “at that time’ ’his leg and have to be amputated in order to prevent the infection and save a life” said the doctor in the hospital. I was crying, when I knew that my leg has to be amputated and I will be a person living with a disability, everyone in my family was also very sad with me. When I thought about going to school and play with friends, I feel like, I am different than others, I could not move freely, it made me don’t want to go to school anymore and I will be a family burden that made me cry a lot. Fortunately, a doctor told me about COPE and Center of Medical Rehabilitation (CMR) services.

I come immediately to CMR and stayed for two weeks to get a prosthetic leg.  when I first see a new prosthetic leg, I thought it would not help me as I hope because I was not practicing it yet, but when I was started to learn how to walk with my new prosthetic, it changes my though because when I first fitted it on and practice walking with my new prosthetic, leg for a week, it’s enabled me to move freely then I though, Since then I  realized that the rehabilitation services are very important for the people with physical disabilities if don’t have this kind of services the daily life of people with disabilities will be very difficult.

Thank you so much for all your supports to the project to continues helping the Bomb survivors and the people with physical disabilities in Laos.

Mr. Seangphone Soulivong has received his has been received first prostheses leg.

 Now, Mr. Seangphone Soulivong is not sad any more , he is more confidence to move around freely.

“Thank you Center of Medical Rehabilitation (CMR), COPE and all the donors who supported Seangphone Soulivong to have a new prostheses leg .”