“I have so many ducks and chickens. But my pride is my beautiful cow. She is my favourite!”


37 years old

Motorbike accident

In 2007 Yia Yang, then 30 years old, was driving home from the market with his father and one of his daughters when a pick up truck hit his motorbike. While his father suffered from a few wounds and his daughter from a broken arm, Mr Yia Yang was the most seriously injured: the truck ran over his right leg, damaging the bones beyond possible repair. Yia Yang was transported to Nong Het hospital where his leg had to be amputated.

“After the accident”, remembers Yia Yang, “my life totally changed. I used to be the main income earner for my family. I was working on the farm and in our upland rice fields. I have 6 children in my care but after the amputation, my wife and children had to carry this work instead of me. I felt really bad and useless.”

Two years after his accident, Yia Yang was introduced to COPE-supported rehabilitation services by the head of his village. He decided to go to Phonsavanh Rehabilitation Centre, where he was treated and received his first prosthetic leg.

“I am very happy with the rehabilitation services I receive from the Rehabilitation Centre, with COPE’s support. Every time my prosthetic leg is damaged or needs adjustment, they are here for me. This time was even more convenient as the mobile clinic team came directly to my village to take a new cast. They’ll come and pick me up to take me to the Rehabilitation Centre when the new prosthetic leg is ready”

“Even though I’m not going to upland rice fields anymore, I am able to raise some livestock and cook for my family. I have so many ducks, chickens and one big cow. She is my favourite. In the future, I intend to raise more livestock, so apart from feeding my family, I can also sell the animals and raise more income for us.”

Thanks to COPE supporters and mobile clinic team, Yia Yang received a brand new prosthetic leg this year, his third leg provided by the Phonsavanh Provincial Rehabilitation Centre.

“Today, I invite you to meet my livestock!”