“The new prosthetic leg helping Zaythong  to move around freely and participated social activities “

Mr.Zaythong  Gaowrueng

58 year old

UXO Accident

My name is Zaythong  Gaowrueng, I am 58 years old, lives in Napean village, Mead District, Vientiane province, my village is far from  the town  and also very muddy in raining season, dusty in dry season.

I used to be a soldier, now I am doing agriculture, I have some fish porn and as the same time I also grow the rice, more over I plan to extend my farm land in the future.

I stepped on the UXO when I was 22 years old, while I was on soldier duty with my colleagues in the jungle. The explosion caused my leg the serious injured and infection, so my leg had to be amputee in order to save my life at the Soldier hospital Vientiane.

I was very worry, sad and hope less about my future when I thought about myself living as a person with disability, I can’t take care of myself like before and will be a family and society burden, moreover I was very think about my career in soldier because of I can’t work like before with one leg every movement so difficult sometimes I was very moody with my difficulty.

As the result, I was living with one leg for many years until 1999, I came to the same hospital again and the doctor told me about the Center of Medical Rehabilitation where they provided me a prosthetic leg” Said the doctor. My first time at the CMR, I was very exciting to see people who living with disability like me, we was talking and exchanging the experienced during waiting for the fitting, I was very happy to made them.

Today 13th September 2020, I come for my fitted 8 prostheses leg at the CMR which support from COPE, not just only free prostheses leg I get but also food allowance went I was in the CMR for my fitting and practicing, more over the accommodation and round trip transport cost is also including.

Thank you to COPE and Centre of Medical Rehabilitation and all the donors for this good support.

Mr. Zaythong  Gaowrueng has received his has been received 8 prostheses including this one .

 Now, Mr. Zaythong  Gaowrueng is not sad any more , he is more confidence to move around freely and participated social activities.

“Thank you Center of Medical Rehabilitation (CMR), COPE and all the donors who supported Zaythong to have a new prostheses leg .”